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Pest Control Services

If you're experiencing any problems with insects or pests at home or at your business, we can help. Our technicians are trained to deal with most common pests and insects in the Sacramento area. Get more details here.

The Best Pest Control in Sacramento

No one wants intruders in their home or office, especially when they are of the creepy-crawly variety. Pests like insects, bugs, and rodents are more than just annoying. They can cause major damage to your house or business.

That's why Jones Bros. Pest Control, Inc., has been specializing in both residential and commercial pest control in Sacramento for over 30 years. We have preventive pest control and maintenance treatments at affordable prices. Call today for a FREE estimate on our quality pest control in Sacramento.

Sacramento Pest Control Preventive Maintenance Services

A scheduled preventive maintenance program keeps out insects and pests. That's why we offer a monthly or bimonthly Sacramento pest control program. On our initial visit, we'll create a protective barrier inside and outside your home or business.

Additional scheduled visits are designed to maintain the protective barrier around the exterior of your home or business to continue to keep out most common pests and insects. We believe that this is the most effective way to keep the premises pest free.

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All of our field technicians are licensed and trained to provide expert service and advice. With over 30 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation as the go-to pest control experts in the greater Sacramento area.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. As a family-owned company, we believe in giving our customers the best service possible.

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